How to Develop a Vision

Four steps towards imagination

What's your vision for this?"

Have you been asked this question? Did you freeze not knowing what it should be? Maybe you thought "How on earth does a vision emerge? I'm not a visionary, I'll just on execution."

Bullshit. That's what you may have been told, but that's it's not true.

A vision is critical for any undertaking. It keeps a team working together, in alignment. It rallies people in the face of adversity. It makes those blurry, far-away goals feel crisp and tangible. It fills in for data when you don't have any, and still need to make complicated or ambiguous decisions.

But where does it come from? The mind's eye? No, it comes from data; over and over I've seen a path for most people to develop a vision.

In a nutshell, it goes like this:

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Writing about time, fatherhood, leadership and the making of software. VP Product and Design at Metabase.

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