I can relate so much to the pain of making a decision.

Recently I realized that, considering how much the experience of eating at a restaurant is more ‘intellectual’ (if that’s the word) than ‘primal’, that I should go with a downside minimization strategy.

If I’m at a restaurant, it’s not just because I need to eat, but because that place offers something I heard was good — perhaps the entire menu, perhaps a couple specific things (as #1).

So I most often tend to figure out what I’d regret the most about not trying — how unique is it? how typical is it if on a trip, etc – and that’s what I order. Being vegetarian helps, since it often narrows options down to just 2 or 3.

And thanks for writing something not related to the election.

Writing about time, fatherhood, leadership and the making of software. VP Product and Design at Metabase.

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